What were quilts used for?

The patchwork quilt was a “utility” quilt, in contrast to the applique quilt which was a “best” or show quilt, upon which time and material was lavished. … Since even small cloth remnants could be used in patchwork quilts, every scrap of fabric and usable portion of worn garments were saved and used in patchwork […]

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How do you store a quilt?

Keep the quilt dry. Good air circulation helps to increase the chance for your quilt to staying fresh and  dry air. Dampness or humid environment can cause moulds in the air to deposit moisture within the quit fabric that eventually results fibre degrade and damage of your quilt. Wrap your quilt within moisture resistant sleeves. Never store […]

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How do I remove a stain from a quilt?

Blot with paper towels to remove as much of the stain as possible before washing with cool salted water (1 teaspoon to 1 pint of water). Rinse with clear water. If the stain remains, pre-soak the quit again using with an oxygen based product before washing with a granulated laundry powder. Article Source: Quilt History

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What is a quilt cover?

Bedding quilt covers can vary, depending on the nature and type of sleeping comfort that is required and there are different quilting solutions to help you enjoy the warmth and comfort especially in cooler periods such as winter and spring. Quilt Cover is a soft fabric designed to keep you warm without the use of […]

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How do you clean a quilt?

Most quilt lovers prefer to wash rather than dry clean their quilts. If a quilt has loose lace or puffy applique work, machine washing is very risky and the quilt should be professionally dry cleaned. If the color transfers to the white cotton, don’t wash the quilt- even in cold water.

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